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Emma Sage Kalayjian

Car Content Creator for the Driving Experience & Feminine Gaze

Forbes 30 Under 30

Hi, I'm Emma.  I'm an Automotive-Aerospace Human Centered Designer with a passion for all things that go vroom.  I focus on upcoming technologies and how they impact you, the driver.  Here's what I like to focus on:


- Explore and discuss technologies that make driving more accessible for individuals with disabilities
- Highlight cars with features designed to accommodate a wide range of physical abilities

Technology & Autonomy

- Cover developments in historical & upcoming technologies

- Cover the various levels of autonomous driving and other bleeding edge technologies
- Share news about companies working on autonomous solutions

Brand Spotlights & Car Reviews
- Showcase the latest technologies from different car manufacturers
- Discuss the brand’s history and their impact today on the world

Day in the Life

- Behind the scenes of various automotive events

- Showcase a day in the life of a Human Centered Designer

- Showcase eco-friendly vehicles and technologies
- Explore initiatives and companies focused on green mobility

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