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Emma Sage Kalayjian

Human-Centered Designer & Content Creator

Forbes 30 Under 30

Hi, I'm Emma.  I'm an Automotive-Aerospace Human Centered Designer with a passion for accessibility and mobility.  


I design software products to be more inclusive for a wide range of users with various physical and mental impairments.  Examples include colorblindness, ADHD, and more.  My dream is to make a mark on the automotive industry by making accessibility in HMI, UX, and CMF design come standard.  You can take a look at some of my designs here.

Content Creation

Software and cars aren't exactly things that are taught to women in the same availability as our male counterparts.  The barrier to entry is higher, and so are the stakes.  My experience was that it didn't feel like a safe space for me to be able to make mistakes, ask "dumb" questions, embrace my femininity, and still be taken seriously.  Instead of getting it wrong and still having benefit of the doubt, it felt more like I had to continuously prove everyone wrong.  Not a great feeling, plus cars are intimidating enough as they are!  My aim is to make bite sized educational car content and package it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing (think Vogue meets Bill Nye) so as to appeal to more niche enthusiasts who may still be intimidated by the space as a whole.  Here, the theme is educational accessibility.  By presenting more content about mobility in this radically different format, ideally this will make this topic become less intimidating. 

You can take a look at some of my content here.

I like to focus on upcoming technologies and how they impact you, the driver.  Here's what I like to focus on:


- Explore and discuss technologies that make driving more accessible for individuals with disabilities
- Highlight cars with features designed to accommodate a wide range of physical abilities

Technology & Autonomy

- Cover developments in historical & upcoming technologies

- Cover the various levels of autonomous driving and other bleeding edge technologies
- Share news about companies working on autonomous solutions

Brand Spotlights & Car Reviews
- Showcase the latest technologies from different car manufacturers
- Discuss the brand’s history and their impact today on the world

Day in the Life

- Behind the scenes of various automotive events

- Showcase a day in the life of a Human Centered Designer

- Showcase eco-friendly vehicles and technologies
- Explore initiatives and companies focused on green mobility

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